UK Limited Company Registration from Pakistan with Registered Office Address

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- including a list of active importers in and Europe, providing immediate sales contacts

The United Kingdom is a land of business opportunities being a part of the European Union. We invite manufacturers, traders, indenters, exporters, consultants, professionals, and service providers from Pakistan to register a company in the UK to grow as an owner of a European Union company. To facilitate our clients, we have a straightforward process for UK ltd company registration. We’ve to register an overseas company with Companies House in the United Kingdom to set up a place of business here. BeBorderless, UK’s leading company, has now opened its doors to the business people of Pakistan with a fleet of fantastic business features.

Registration with Companies House in UK

Do you know that Company House authorities rejected almost 53% of paper applications in the last year as the wrong process of UK company registration was adopted? Contact us for the right move in the right direction to get registered with Company House.

Your registered office Address in London

To Buy a registered office address in the UK is a legal requirement to be registered with Companies House. This official address would be publicly available for anyone to view. All of our packages include Registered business and customer service addresses in London.

Open bank account in UK from Pakistan India & Whole World

UK Bank Account is included in all of our packages. You will receive an email from the Bank with a link to choose a bank to start your application. The duration of opening a bank account may vary for different business types. Open UK bank account from Pakistan today!

Grow with Us to Reach New Sales Targets in Europe

Beborderless is here to get your business to the next level of success. We have been helping 100s of business concerns around the globe for UK limited company registration. Call now to get your company registered in the UK with ease & comfort.

Want to Register a UK Company to get UK Virtual Address? LTD Company Formation in the UK & EU For Non-Residents (Foreign Nationals)

The UK remains the first choice for businesses on their global expansion journey. The primary world market in the UK, USA & EU is waiting for your Products and services. So, are you a struggling business, manufacturer, supplier, trader, indenter, importer, exporter, consultant, or an IT professional and want to get UK virtual address by instant company formation in the UK to grow your business? Are you currently running a private or public limited company in the Pakistan community and looking to open a company in UK London?

BeBorderless is a prominent UK-based company that provides UK company registration for nonresidents. We assist from scratch in UK company registration from Pakistan & India to create a company UK and enter the UK market and grow as an owner of a European Union company after getting a phone number and registered address UK. Many overseas companies and entrepreneurs are hiring BeBorderless to conduct business operations in UK & EU. With us, register a company UK within a few days and get your virtual office London to operate internationally.

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Federation of Small Businesses

FSB Membership & reach 400,000 Potential Customers in UK

Membership with FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) will get you unmatched business opportunities in the UK & European Union markets. Federation of Small Business is the UK’s premium business platform providing excellent business benefits, and with this affiliation, your voice will be heard in governments at all levels. If you own a business in Pakistan or any country globally, FSB membership would be the most substantial element to grow your business more potent in the UK.  Hire us now to get most extraordinary UK limited company registration service. Register a company UK and get registered office address uk to chase your dreams of becoming a unicorn company.

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Membership with the London Chamber of Commerce

and Industry LCCI

We get Membership with the London Chamber of Commerce for our clients with every gold package for company registration in the UK. The package also includes a list of active importers in the UK and Europe, providing immediate sales with the potential customer’s contacts. Beborderless isn’t just a UK registration company from Pakistan India & Whole World. It’s a fleet of business services for the business community around the globe. Use our suitable package for company formation uk and the Uk Trademark Registrations.

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Register a company in the UK from Pakistan, now!

Several procedures are involved in setting up a business in the UK, including registering your company with Companies House and obtaining a legal & valid company name for you. Upon registering your company, you will need to provide certain documents for postillion. At Beborderless, our experienced team of consultants has registered many Non-Resident Companies and helped them to achieve uk trademark registrations, Brand Registration Uk, London virtual address to start a business in the UK. You can open a company in uk and can get uk bank account from Pakistan to carry on your business operations. With our Gold package, you can avail yourself Membership with FSB (Federation of Small Businesses), including legal and tax advice and protection, Membership with borderless Suppliers Directory, Amazon UK start-up guide, and Membership with the London Chamber of Commerce – including a list of active importers in and Europe, providing immediate sales contacts with our dedicated customer support for your business.! 

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Requirements to UK Company Registration from Pakistan

  • A copy of the Driving License & CNIC
  • All contact numbers in Pakistan
  • ID proof, Address proof and Tax ID proof in case of Pakistani National
  • Office 
  •  Address of your company in Pakistan 
  • Director information – name, date of birth, nationality, occupation, service address, residential address with proofs
  • Shareholder/Share information – name, number of shares held, the currency of shares, the value of shares
  • Copy of the Passport in case of the non-resident applicant

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    with London Chamber of Commerce Membership, UK Address & Dedicated Telephone Number to Reach Higher Sales in No Time.


    • Company Formation: 7 working days.
    • Bank Account after the company is registered: 4-6 Working Days
    • Membership process in London Chamber of Commerce: 5 working days
    • FSB membership: 1 working day

    So, in 30 days, you should have it all sorted and the UK company registration process completed.

    Considering your company’s business growth as the primary purpose of UK limited company registration from Pakistan, we recommend silver and gold packages as they give you more value for money. They help you grow your business by having different memberships, which will unlock your business potential with rapid sales growth. 

    We provide a UK ltd company registration company from Pakistan. A complete bundle of business registration features to start a company in the UK, including UK virtual address registration, UK trademark registrations, brand registration UK, premium membership to the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), UK telephone number, and complete facility to open a bank account in UK from Pakistan. We help you start trading in the UK, create a company, register trademark UK and open a bank account in UK from Pakistan. Our dynamic strategies help you achieve ultimate success in your first twelve months. We offer membership to prestigious industry bodies and take on your critical legal and commercial issues. Further, we offer premium membership to the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and British European importers suppliers on the BeBorderless Supplier directory. Our dedicated team has a history of helping businesses enter and grow in the UK market. We also provide services regarding PayPal, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Stripe accounts opening. You can hire our dedicated business customer support manager to entertain your customers. In the future, you can also get a UK visa for immigration and UK working visa through your registered UK office. You will be able to ship orders overseas to UK & EU customers quickly and can receive payment in your EU & UK business bank account within weeks. BeBorderless, help you register your company online and offer your services.

    BeBorderless is creating a directory of trusted suppliers for buyers in the UK, EU, and North America. This Directory will be active by Nov 2022. This Directory will provide trust to the buyer as all the suppliers on the Directory will be UK registered and verified, giving peace of mind to both buyer and supplier.

    We accept payments by credit cards. You can also use our bank accounts to transfer funds online. 

    The Limited Company in Uk is a business concern where the liability of members of the company is limited to what they have invested or guaranteed to the company, considered to be a legal entity to enter into any sort of contract with Govt. & private sectors. The company will be responsible for its actions, finances, and liability. UK ltd company registration can be initiated at the Company House (the registrar of companies in the United Kingdom). There are two types of Limited Companies; the first one is a Limited Company by shares and the second one is a Limited Company by guarantee.

    Registering your business as a Limited company in the UK is a profitable venture for every business. However, the formation of a Limited Company in the UK from Pakistan needs to be handled carefully to avoid rejection. That’s why professional companies always rely on borderless for UK company registration from Pakistan and many countries.